How Poor Credit Can Affect Your HVAC Purchase Choices

How Bad Credit Can Affect Your Lease to Purchase Program

Few people have the money to buy a new HVAC unit out of pocket. On the off chance that you have poor credit, buying an HVAC system might be troublesome. A simpler option is lease-purchasing an HVAC. This is what you have to think about lease-purchasing, and how a bad FICO assessment can influence the … Read moreHow Poor Credit Can Affect Your HVAC Purchase Choices

Why Microf?

What sets us apart from typical loans are a couple of things.  First, a typical loan application is a longer process, limited in its loan terms, with stringent credit underwriting.  Secondly, we only provide lease options for HVAC systems.  In fact, we’re experts. We provide more suitable options, including lower monthly payments and longer terms. … Read moreWhy Microf?