Simple Steps to Prep Your HVAC Unit for Fall

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By: Danielle Heeds Depending on where you live, you’re starting to get really psyched or really sad about the prospect of packing up your shorts and bathing suits and breaking out your favorite sweaters and boots. But in addition to prepping your wardrobe, it’s also time to start prepping your home for fall, starting with your heating and cooling unit. … Read More

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Tackling the Task

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House Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is an activity dreaded by many, but others enjoy. Granted, it may be a hassle to clean every bit of dust and grime left behind by the chilly winter months; however, being proud of how spotless and wonderful your home looks after a good, deep clean feels amazing. If you have no idea how or where to get … Read More

Why Microf?

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What sets us apart from typical loans are a couple of things.  First, a typical loan application is a longer process, limited in its loan terms, with stringent credit underwriting.  Secondly, we only provide lease options for HVAC systems.  In fact, we’re experts. We provide more suitable options, including lower monthly payments and longer terms. We work with some of … Read More