Need a new
HVAC System?

Purchasing a new Unit is easy
with our Lease-Purchase program!

With the high cost of new HVAC units, monthly payment options are crucial.

Using Flexible Payment Options to replace your unit allows you to make monthly lease payments with a guaranteed purchase option, instead of paying cash upfront and taking a large financial hit.

Fill out an application with Microf today and get your new A/C installed fast.

Flexible Monthly Payments

We offer multiple payment terms and options for homeowners with excellent, good or bad credit.

Simple Application Process

Fast, easy approval process. You only need an ID, active bank account, and steady income.

Help When You
Need It

We work with the best contractors around the country to install and maintain your unit.

Payment Estimator

Find the right payment option for you

Three Simple Steps


Submit Your Application

Register as a Consumer and fill out an application. Microf has options for all levels of credit.


Get Connected With a Contractor

We work with the best contractors around the country to install and maintain your unit.


Have Your Unit Installed

Select the best financial option for you and we’ll connect you with a local contractor.


Affordable HVAC Lease-to-Own Options

Microf was established in 2010 to accommodate the growing demand for more flexible options for purchasing a residential heating and cooling system.

We are a relationship-based company that places top priority on the wants and needs of our customers. When paying for a new A/C upfront isn’t an option, Microf is your solution. Our trusted contractors will get your A/C up and running fast, so you don’t have to sweat the heat or freeze in the cold. We’ll make sure you get the perfect unit for your home at an affordable price. You can trust Microf for all your HVAC lease-purchase needs.