Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Bill

February 24, 2023


While some might disagree about the cause of climate change, one thing everyone agrees with is that the earth is heating up a bit more these days. That is putting a drag on energy costs and folks are cranking up the AC more. So what can you do to reduce your cooling bill? We dug into this issue and found some tips for you to consider.

1. Upgrade appliances: Get to know the Energy Star® label and insist on it whenever you buy a new appliance. They’re certified to be more efficient.

2. Shades – Block the sun! Just pull down and set.

3. Eat take-out. Consider finding healthy take-out options and avoid turning on that oven.

4. Paint your roof white. No joke! It reflects heat.

5. Nightly energy sweep: This could be a cool job for a responsible child. Walk about the house before bed and turn off anything electric that’s not needed, especially lights, TVs, computers (put in sleep mode), your cable box, etc.

6. Reusable filter for your HVAC. You can clean it and reuse it. No landfilling here and it saves money.

7. Take a cold shower before bed. It allows you to be cooler, duh, while using less electricity. And if you’re a bit cooler, you’ll sleep better.

8. Ceiling fans: They’re quite lovely. They move air about and can pull warm air up during the summer. But, reverse it in the winter to push room heat down.

9. Ice that beverage! Tea, water, lemonade. A cold drink will cool you down. Yes, it’s obvious, but we’re just reminding you to try it.

10. Run your dishwasher and clothes dryer at night. Costs less to run after peak hours.




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