Nine Tips for Indoor Safety in Winter Weather

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When it comes to winter, there are steps you can take inside the home to protect your family. Some are very basic, such as making sure all vents are free from objects. Give them plenty of space around any heaters, radiators and the like. A three-foot barrier is recommended. Another good tip to remember is that if you have a … Read More

How to Avoid Unwanted Heating Costs

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Every winter, millions of Americans’ jaws hit the floor the first time they open their heating bill. Keeping your home warm can be rather expensive! However, you might be surprised to learn that a considerable portion of your heating costs is actually wasted energy. Let’s take a quick look at some ways you can avoid unwanted heating costs. 1: Heavy … Read More

When Is The Best Time to Buy A Residential Replacement Heating/Cooling System?

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It’s a sad fact: often, new HVAC systems are purchased only after it’s stopped working and cannot be repaired. A regularly checked and conditioned unit will often give signs that it’s on its last legs. It could be: high cooling and heating costs, lack of warmer or cooler air, making various “I’m getting old” noises. Do you take a chance … Read More

Why Microf?

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What sets us apart from typical loans are a couple of things.  First, a typical loan application is a longer process, limited in its loan terms, with stringent credit underwriting.  Secondly, we only provide lease options for HVAC systems.  In fact, we’re experts. We provide more suitable options, including lower monthly payments and longer terms. We work with some of … Read More

HVAC Energy Savings Tips

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Energy Savings

Did you know just to heat and cool your house takes up about 50% of all energy costs? We wanted to give you some simple tips you can follow to reduce energy costs. You can save money and energy while lowering your carbon footprint. Let’s get started! 1.  Change your air filter regularly. Check your filter every month, especially during … Read More

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Bill

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Reduce AC costs

While some might disagree about the cause of climate change, one thing everyone agrees with is that the earth is heating up a bit more these days. That is putting a drag on energy costs and folks are cranking up the AC more. So what can you do to reduce your cooling bill? We dug into this issue and found … Read More

Clean the Air in Your House


Indoor Air Quality Tips How’s the air in there? Your house, that is. Clean air is something that can easily be overlooked with everything that tracks dust and allergens through your house. Let’s take a look at some steps you can take to insure clean air inside. Standard Furnace Filters: We expect them to clean the air, but what they … Read More