Fall Is Here: Top 3 Tips To Keep HVAC Costs Low This Season

February 23, 2023

Fall is here and you know what that means – the holidays aren’t far behind! It’s the season homeowners are trying to keep costs low wherever they can. Because HVAC is one of the largest investments you’ll have as a homeowner, it’s important to see where you can save. Here are the top 3 ways you can keep HVAC costs low this season.


1. Service Your Existing Equipment

Keeping up on annual maintenance is so important for your heating and cooling system. An inefficient unit raises your monthly costs. One way you can improve the efficiency of your unit is by changing your air filter every 1-3 months. However, for a professional tune-up, you’ll want to work with a professional HVAC company. According to EnergyStar, getting regular tune-ups on your HVAC system can make your unit run more efficiently while also providing more comfort to your home. When you work with Microf, you’ll have contractual support when you need it most.


2. Install New Energy-Efficient HVAC Unit

If you have an old unit, chances are you are spending more on your heating and cooling bills than you would like. Truth be told, installing a new HVAC unit with higher efficiency will save you money each month. This is because HVAC systems with a higher SEER rating need less energy to function properly and studies have shown they significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. While it’s a big investment up front, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Get what you need today, regardless of credit, and agree to a monthly payment plan that works for your budget. Here’s how.


3. Financing or Leasing

Last but not least, financing or leasing your HVAC unit is another way to keep your HVAC costs low this season.  As mentioned above, you may be someone who isn’t in a financial position to purchase a new energy efficient HVAC unit. In fact, about 70% of Americans are in the same exact position. If you need a new HVAC system in time for winter, consider Microf’s lease purchase program. It’s simple, fast, easy and you don’t need perfect credit to qualify. You can get that new heating and cooling system in just three simple steps:

  • Submit Your Application
  • Get Connected With a Qualified, Local Contractor
  • Make Automatic Monthly Payments That Work For You

It really is that easy. Your comfort should not be a financial burden, and with Microf, it doesn’t have to be.


Ready To Get Back To Comfort In Time For Winter? Contact Microf Today and Save On HVAC Costs!

In 2010, Microf was established to accommodate the growing demand for more flexible, affordable options for purchasing residential heating and cooling systems. To keep HVAC costs low this fall, remember to keep up on your annual maintenances, consider installing a new energy-efficient HVAC unit, and do so by leasing it! Microf is here to help. Contact us today at 855-642-7631.


October 29, 2021