Stay Warm During Winter Without Breaking the Bank

February 24, 2023

Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, toes, fingers, and anywhere else exposed. We would love to have the heat on full blast during these frigid winter months, but sometimes our bank accounts won’t let us. To keep yourself warm without making your checking account break in a sweat follow these simple tips:


  • Layers are your friend – Pile on a thermal top and pants as well as a sweatshirt and pants. Next add fuzzy socks, mittens, and a hat to keep your extremities toasty. You may be making a fashion statement by staying warm.
  • Let the sunshine in – Open your curtains and blinds on all windows to allow the sun to come into your home and warm the place up.
  • Fire it up – Grab the marshmallows and light your fireplace for inexpensive heat that will make you crave s’mores and hot dogs on a stick. To keep extra warmth in your home, close the damper to ensure the heat stays in and the cold stays out.
  • Redecorate a little – By dressing your home for warmth, you can save on energy costs this winter. Add rugs to your floors to avoid the early morning shock of a freezing hardwood floor. Add flannel sheets and blankets to keep you cozy and warm. You may also want to add a few extra blankets and throws to your living room to make your Netflix binge a little warmer.
  • Hold your nose – If there’s a foul smell from a winter dinner gone awry or a bathroom emergency, try to let the odors dissipate on their own. By reducing the amount of time you use bathroom or kitchen fans, you can keep your home warmer but maybe just a little smelly.


Follow these tips to keep your home cozy and welcoming for any guests or family that drops by to enjoy the warmth of your company.




December 6, 2017