HVAC Problem: Hire an Expert vs DIY

February 23, 2023

Should you hire an expert technician vs DIY for an HVAC problem? It’s an interesting question for some homeowners who like to tackle home repairs. However, unless you are already familiar with the mechanics of your HVAC system, you should consider hiring a professional. There are a few HVAC maintenance issues that homeowners can, and should, perform themselves. Changing out the filter every three months – and cleaning the interior of the condenser – will help keep your system running properly. These are easy and relatively safe procedures. But if you are a homeowner who likes to Google problems and “how-to” videos, here are a couple of things to consider:


Cost for Parts

Unless you’re a DIY guru, it’s unlikely that you have the technical tools to thoroughly investigate an HVAC problem. While a YouTube technician might be able to show you how to locate your compressor, the skills it takes to use certain tools might lead you into a black hole. Buying a thermometer or Sawzall (reciprocating saw) at the local hardware store could prove expensive – especially if you never use them again. A DIY repair on your HVAC unit might also make the problem worse; creating a more costly repair, or even replacement, because of it.

Time Spent

Hire an expert vs DIY? Obviously doing it yourself will be a learning experience and take far longer than it would take a specialist. HVAC units are often the busiest machine in homes so that extra time stuck in the cold or heat could really exhaust you and your family. And, not to knock anyone’s DIY skills, repairs tend to last a lot longer with the help of professional knowledge, and professional tools and parts.

If your HVAC needs a repair, or a tune up, it is best to call your preferred technician. However if the whole system needs to be replaced, contact a specialist at Microf for an affordable and flexible payment plan to get a new HVAC unit as soon as possible. We work with the best contract workers around the nation to get your HVAC back up and running.


October 21, 2020