How to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

February 24, 2023

As temperatures begin to rise, air conditioners are working overtime to cool down your house. Save yourself money by creating a cool environment without excessively using your air conditioning unit.


Opening your windows at night is a great way to let in the night air, listen to the sounds of nature, and cool down your home naturally. You can also use your indoor fans to pull the cold air into your home while pushing the warm air up and out.


Keep your blinds closed during the day to reduce your air conditioning use. About 30% of unwanted heat is coming through your windows and sticking around due to the greenhouse effect. If your home becomes too dark for your comfort, focus on closing the blinds of west and south facing windows. You might also want to install light-colored blinds which will reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.


Try to keep doors in your home open so the cool air can circulate throughout your home, instead of warm air becoming trapped in closed off rooms.


Also, finish chores and other household tasks at night because using large appliances can give off the most heat. Doing laundry or cooking with a hot stove can heat up your home fairly quickly, so save these chores for nighttime when the temperature is most likely to be the coolest.


These tips among others can help you beat the heat and avoid sweating too much without damaging your bank account.




June 26, 2017