How to Avoid Unwanted Heating Costs

February 24, 2023

Every winter, millions of Americans’ jaws hit the floor the first time they open their heating bill. Keeping your home warm can be rather expensive! However, you might be surprised to learn that a considerable portion of your heating costs is actually wasted energy. Let’s take a quick look at some ways you can avoid unwanted heating costs.


1: Heavy curtains – Your windows may be blocking light, but a light curtain covering a window can let in cold temps and lose warmth. And seal around that window! But if it’s facing sun, open it during the day! (There are 3 reasons right there!)

2: Bake! Yes, whip up some cookies or a pizza. Then leave the oven door open a bit and let the heat out in the kitchen. Warning: Don’t dare do this if you have kids or a pet. We want you to be safe!

3: Weather strip the ol’ attic hatch. Everyone knows about sealing doors and windows, but that entryway to the attic is often overlooked. Check around your attic hatch and be sure it’s got a seal or weather stripping around it.

4: Bubble wrap your windows. Yeah, we went there. Bubble wrap (unpopped) in your windows will actually give them a higher insulation value. Easy to do! Just spray a little water in the windows to hold the bubble wrap. Cut and use scissors or an X-acto blade. Voila!

5: Got an old radiator? Place good quality aluminum foil behind the unit. It will reflect heat back into the room.




October 19, 2016