Why You Should Select a Reputable Financial Company to Get a Loan

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There are several options for you to finance or lease when you are in need of a new air conditioner. However, you also want to be smart about this decision since air conditioner units can be costly. A typical loan can consist of many bad features such as a long process time, a certain term limit on a loan, and credit underwriting. That is why you should select a reputable company to do business with. Microf is a great option because we focus on providing lease purchase options for HVAC units and have experts to help you during this process. Air conditioner leasing plans are great options that allow low monthly payments and longer terms. Our experts work with several well-known HVAC brands, which allows you to receive high-quality units at a fair price.

Services You Can Rely On

The approval process is both fast and easy. With the help of a team of experts you will receive not only a quality HVAC system, but also supreme customer care. A professional will present you with many options for a unit that is best for your home and leasing. There are only minimum financial requirements needed for approval like a valid ID, secure income, and active checking account. You can fill out an application form online and receive a quick response. The experts offer multiple discounts and your payment options are based on 35, 47, or 58 monthly terms.

Product Option Features Consist of the Following:

  • Quick response times
  • Early payoff options
  • Minimal financial requirements needed for approval
  • Simple online application
  • Multiple customer discounts
  • Flexible monthly payment options
  • Experts specialize in leasing for quality HVAC units

Many Benefits of Using Services from a Reputable Company

There are many benefits of using leasing services from a reputable company. Our professionals make it their goal to exceed your expectations from start to finish when you choose us. They will help in scheduling your new HVAC unit installation and make sure you are set up to receive annual maintenance on your unit. Choose to pay your monthly payment either online, by phone, or via mail. The team will also work with you so you receive the lowest possible cost on your air conditioner unit. Microf’s main goal is for you to complete your contract and ultimately own your new unit. If you are interested in an affordable rental purchase plan for your HVAC system needs, contact us today.