Things to Remember When Choosing a Lease Purchase HVAC Program

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Things to Remember When Choosing a Lease Purchase HVAC Program

With the changing of seasons, you might be considering installing a new heating and cooling unit. Have you ever wondered about the lease purchase program and if it’s right for you? To make the best decision for you and your family, it’s important you know all the facts and speak to a professional about your options. Below, we give a list of things to remember when choosing a lease purchase program for your HVAC unit!

You Don’t Own Your System Outright

Even though the HVAC system lives at your house, it’s not technically yours. Like with leasing an apartment or a car, you’re borrowing the system until you pay it off over an extended period of time. Despite not having ownership rights to the system, a lease purchase program still appeals to many families across the country. With the high costs of HVAC units these days, flexible monthly payments are one way to keep you and your family comfortable without taking a huge financial hit. Who said you can’t have both comfort and financial freedom at once?

You Can Set Your Own Budget

Everyone has different financial needs. That’s why we offer adaptable payment plans so you can pick a schedule that fits your own personal budget. Our goal with offering this program is to provide customers with more affordable options with purchasing a residential heating and cooling system. We do this by ensuring you have more control over your payment plan.

You Don’t Need Good Credit To Apply

Low credit? No problem! The common misconception is that you must have excellent credit to even qualify or be considered. At Microf, we don’t use your FICO score when making an underwriting decision. Our lease purchase program isn’t the same as your traditional financing, where you need excellent credit to qualify.  Whether your credit score is perfect or damaged, we encourage everyone who wants affordable options with their HVAC unit to apply.

You Can Count On Fast Service

One of the many several advantages to choosing a lease purchase program is the fast turnaround time. When your AC goes out, the last thing you want to do is wait in your scorching hot home as you wait for financing to get approved. With the lease purchase program, Microf gets you approved within minutes so you’re back to comfort in no time.

You Need To Be A Homeowner

Our lease purchase program was designed specifically to give homeowners flexible options to replace their HVAC system: homeowners with a broad range of financial needs and options that don’t break the bank, causing an unwelcoming financial burden for families. No one wants that!

Since 2010, Microf has been providing customers with flexible options for purchasing a residential heating and cooling system. Is a lease purchase program right for you? If you’re interested in hearing more about the program, fill out an application on our website and speak with a team member about your needs today.

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