Microf’s Lease-Purchase Program

Microf believes that all consumers should have options when it comes to replacing their heating and cooling system.

Our unique lease-purchase option is designed to help homeowners with a broad range of financial needs replace their heating and cooling system. Completing the online application will help us determine the best options for you.

Is your credit less than perfect or even damaged? That’s ok because Microf’s lease-to-own products are designed specifically with you in mind. And, you can apply directly online and Microf will connect you with a contractor in your area.

Get What You Need Today Regardless of Credit

Replacing your HVAC can be a major hardship. 70% of Americans do not have enough cash on hand to buy a unit outright.  And, there is a large portion of the population that doesn’t have the credit to get traditional financing. That’s where Microf’s lease-purchase HVAC program comes in and rescues you from the brutal heat of summer.

Lease-Purchase Air Conditioning Program? What’s That?

Our lease-purchase AC program enables you to get a new HVAC unit installed right now with a guaranteed purchase option. Microf offers flexible monthly payments designed to fit your budget. Do you have less than perfect or even damaged credit? That is ok. Microf’s lease-purchase program was designed with you in mind. At Microf, we believe everyone should be comfortable in their own home. 

Advantages of Microf’s Lease-Purchase AC Program

We could go on and on about the benefits of our lease-purchase HVAC program, but instead we’ll just direct you to our blog on the subject.

Interested in our payment plans? Use our payment calculator!

Eligibility Requirements: How Do I Qualify?

At Microf, we don’t use your FICO score to determine eligibility for lease-purchasing. So many people are eligible for our program, it’s easier to name the people who aren’t:

Concerned about your eligibility? Give us a call at 855-642-7631

Microf’s Approval Process

Here’s what you’ll need to complete the application:

If you choose to have a Co-applicant, we will also need their social security number and proof of income.

Payment Estimator

Find the right payment option for you

Important Terms and Conditions.

This is a lease-to-own transaction, rather than financing. The term of the agreement is 1 month. After that, while you have the leased property, the Agreement renews for additional 1-month terms, until you own the leased property or surrender it to us. You may surrender the leased property at any time to terminate the Agreement, without paying a penalty. The total cost to own the leased property does not include other charges such as late fees and reinstatement fees. You will not own the leased property unless you pay the total cost to own.

Important Conditions and Restrictions. Not all options are available in all markets. Minimum lease amount is $2,500. Lease-purchase options are available for primary or vacation/second homes, but unavailable for non-owner occupied investment/rental properties. In CA, CT, IA, ME, NY, OH, PA, and WV, the 60 months-to-ownership option is not available, the 36 and 48 months-to-ownership options require a 5% contractor discounted invoice, and the minimum lease amount is $3,000. Lease-purchase transactions are not available in AK, HI, MN, NJ, WI, VT and WY.