Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit for the Summer Season Now!

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When you purchase an air conditioning unit for your home, the air conditioner finance is not the only thing you have to do. After you have financed your unit and it is installed, you need to keep that unit in working order as well. That is why it’s so important to make sure that your air conditioning unit is working before the summer season starts. In this way, you can be sure that you stay cool throughout the summer months, with no broken AC unit in between. There are a few things you can do to make sure your AC unit stays in good repair. Read on below to find out what those things are.

Have the Unit Tuned Up
The company that you got your air conditioner financed through should have their finger on the pulse of the AC community. This means they should know a great HVAC company to call to have your unit tuned up before the summer heat begins. Having your unit inspected at the beginning of every spring will help you to keep cool and keep your unit in great repair during the long summer months ahead.

Change Your Filter
You need to change the filter in your air conditioner unit on a monthly (at the least bi-monthly) basis. The air filter is essential to keeping your AC unit working properly and keeping your home cool without delay during the heat of the summer. Air filters can become clogged, which will reduce the airflow to your unit and out of your vents. This can dramatically increase your electric bill as well, so keeping an eye on that filter is important .

Check the Outside of Your Unit
Over the long winter months, most people don’t do yard work, so they don’t realize what can grow up around the air conditioning over the winter. Make sure to inspect the outside unit to ensure that nothing has grown up around it and no debris has gathered there. This can clog your unit and stop it from working efficiently.

Following these tips will help you to have a successful summer when it comes to cooling your home. For more information on air conditioner finance and how to get it, contact the professionals at Microf for help and the answers to any questions you might still have about cooling your home this summer season.

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