Blake Sanders

Director of Business Development

Residence: Birmingham. AL:

Since: 12/2022

Blake still resides in Birmingham Alabama and has a wife, Brooke, whom he has been married to for 10 years and 2 boys, Owen who is 6 and Weston who is 1. Blake also serves on the Board of Directors for Alabama Veteran, a 501C3 non-profit that assist veterans in their transition from the military to civilian life as well as keeping them engaged in outreach

Kenneth “Blake” Sanders was born and raised in the suburbs of Birmingham Al. After seeing his father work for the “man” Blake decided to do the same. At the age of 16 he started working in the HVAC industry during the summers and holidays. When Blake graduated from high school, he was immediately put in a service truck and running service and maintenance calls at the age of 18. After attending college in the evenings and working during the day Blake decided he was meant for something else. After 1 year he was approached by a local HVAC business to be a selling tech and went through sales training with the great Mike Dolan. That year Blake at the age of 19 sold $1.2 million in HVAC replacements. He was then promoted to a partner at the age of 20. After learning a lot of what not to do in business from this partnership Blake decided to do it his self. At the age of 22 Blake started KS Services. Within 3 years KS Services was a $1.8 million business, with over 50% of that being because of Microf. Blake continued to grow his business to approximately $10 million and in December of 22 he sold his remaining shares to local investors and started working for Microf as the Director of Business Development with the vision of helping contractors across the country use the Microf product to grow and enhance their business while making Microf the premier financing alternative for HVAC and Plumbing contractors nationwide.