Are You Looking for the Best Air Conditioner Finance Options?

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Summers in Georgia can be brutal when it comes to the heat and the humidity. There is no worse time for your air conditioning system to crash than to find yourself in need of a whole new unit in the dead heat of summer. If this happens to you, call us! There is no need to sweat about the cost of replacing your air conditioning system and no need to suffer in the heat until you figure out how to get the money together. Here at Microf, we offer an array of financing options that make it easier to get the system you need with our popular rent-to-own set up.

Dedicated Support on Your Side
At Microf, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals are here to help you every step of the way. We will help you find the system you need, assist with the set-up of your payment terms, answer any questions you may have, and we are even here to help you with any maintenance needs or questions you have. Our team is here for you Monday through Friday from 8AM to 9PM, and on Saturdays from 10AM to 2PM. Whether you are just starting your relationship with us or coming to the end of your agreement with us, Microf are here to serve you and meet your needs.

Contact Us Today
When you need heating and air conditioner finance options to keep your home or business comfortable in the Georgia heat, there is no better place to turn than Microf. We have made rent-to-own services for appliances easier than ever before. Our staff looks forward to being able to offer simple, easy and efficient service that will make financing an air conditioning system affordable. So, call today at 855-642-7631 or contact us on our website to get started.

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