Less Money for Your Power

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It seems as if the power bill climbs a little bit higher each month, but no one knows how this has happened. Try these tips and tricks to help bring your power bill down and your bank balance up.

• Do a nightly sweep throughout your house to unplug appliances that aren’t in use. Although it may seem like a hassle, the savings will add up every month.
• Check your water heater and decrease the temperature to 120 degrees. Not only will this save your skin from scalding hot water, your energy bill will also thank you. You might also want to turn off your electric heater or gas heater down or off when you go on vacation to save even more money.
• Seal cracks around window and door frames, around the holes where pipes enter and leave your home, and at the top of your basement wall where the cement meets the wooden frame. You can use inexpensive caulk or expanding foam to complete this project.
• Check your meter and if the amount on your bill and the amount on your meter don’t match up, you are most likely being overcharged.
• Purchase Energy-Star appliances and light bulbs which will save you money in the long run.
• Invest in a programmable thermostat so you can adjust the temperature of your unit to increase or decrease when you’re not at home, depending on the season.

All of these tips and simple fixes can help you decrease your electricity bill and save money today.

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