Keeping Your Cool When Your Air Conditioning Unit Can’t

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If you have even had an air conditioning unit malfunction you know, it always seems like it’s on the hottest day of the year. There is nothing worse than that mid-summer heat infiltrating your home, turning your previously comfortable dwelling into a sauna. In your heat-induced panic, you may not realize there is many a creative solution to solving all your air cooling problems, which you may not have considered. For instance, if your air condition unit is not working due to damage outside of the typical wear and tear, your homeowners insurance might be a good source you hadn’t previously considered for covering the cost of a new system. While homeowner’s insurance doesn’t typically cover wear and tear, as all machines will breakdown eventually, some home warranties will. If you have a home warranty, examine your contract and see if main home appliances are listed amongst your coverage. This simple solution could save you loads of time, stress, and money.

You Don’t Need a High Interest Loan from Your Bank to Fix Your Cooling Issues

For those who have air conditioning issues that are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, or a home warranty there are still many other options available to consider. Though, most of them involve working with your bank to sort out your cooling issues there are some options that allow you to skip the high interest rates and complicated paperwork. For instance, you can do what many people find beneficial and consider a financing company that specializes in heating and cooling solutions. Companies like Microf work with contractors and HVAC companies to provide simple and low risk financing options to their customers. This is especially helpful for those who have low credit scores, as the application process is simple and Microf offers lease to own options that have minimal financial requirements and require no credit.

Heating and Cooling Financing Companies Help You Get Back to Enjoying Your Home

If you are looking to finance an air conditioner, you have plenty of options available to you so not all hope is lost. Contact Microf today or check out their website to complete their simple online financing application. With a quick application response and easy to understand process, they work with contractors in your area to ensure you receive everything you need in order to get back to enjoying your home.

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