Is it Time to Replace Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit?

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When it comes to taking the plunge and replacing an old heating and air conditioning unit, many homeowners find themselves waiting and just paying to repair the old unit, until it gives up the ghost and they really have no other choice. This doesn’t happen as often, now that financing for heating and air conditioning is available through companies like Microf, but old habits do die hard, and many people tend to wait. There is a time when you really need to bite the bullet and replace that HVAC unit however. Read on below for the top signs that your HVAC unit is ready to be retired.

The Age of the HVAC Unit
It is recommended that you replace a heating and air conditioning unit when it is over 15 years of age. With regularly scheduled maintenance, many units can make it pass that age, however, a lot changes in that time. For instance, the units today are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, which is something they weren’t in the past. So, if you wish to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth and save money at the same time, replacing that old unit, is your best bet. With online financing for heating and air conditioning available, making that switch is easier than it once was as well.

You Spend a Ton in Repairs
If you have the repairman on speed dial, then you really need to consider upgrading your HVAC unit, pronto. When you are paying more yearly to have the old unit repaired, than it would cost you to buy a new one, then you need to bite the bullet and get in contact with a leasing company to replace that unit with a new one.

For Your Family’s Safety
If your air conditioning and heating unit is faulty, then eventually it can become a danger to your family. Whether it’s poor air quality caused by the faulty HVAC unit or wiring that could cause a fire in your home, your family’s safety is important to you, so it’s best to get the unit looked at and replaced. Better to be safe than sorry.

These are just a few of the reasons that you might want to replace your air conditioning and heating system, instead of getting it repaired. For more information on financing for heating and air conditioning, contact the professionals at Microf for help and answers to your questions.