Is Financing For AC Replacement The Best Choice For You?

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Is Financing For AC Replacement The Best Choice For You?

So it finally happened – your AC unit failed and now you’re faced with the unexpected cost of replacing it. Because about 70% of Americans don’t have the money in the bank to pay for a new unit outright, many homeowners feel they have no other choice but to finance.

Let’s find out if financing is the best choice for you and explore other viable options for you to get what you need right now.

What Is Financing For An AC Replacement?

First and foremost, what exactly is financing? HVAC financing is when you use a personal loan to pay for your new system. Overtime, you’ll repay this loan in monthly payments until you’ve paid for the entire system. This allows homeowners to get what they need right now even if they don’t have money in the bank.

Financing Pros and Cons

Like with any major decision, there are many factors to consider.

  • PROS

    • Ability to get what you need without having to settle
    • Allows you to make payments over time
    • Helps you build your credit
  • CONS

    • Locked into payments
    • Accrue extra costs from interest
    • Typically requires a good credit score to qualify

If you’re someone who has a poor or damaged credit score, then you may either be denied financing, or you will be faced with high interest rates. Needless to say, financing isn’t usually ideal for those with less-than-stellar credit scores. However, you shouldn’t worry. There are other options to consider – such as Microf’s lease purchase program!

The Benefits Of Microf’s Lease Purchase Program

There are several other benefits of Microf’s lease purchase program.

  1. Flexible Monthly Payment Options

In a lease purchase program such as ours, payment options tend to be much more flexible. This is because you can choose a payment plan that fits your needs and budget so you’re comfortable both in your home and in your wallet.

  1. Lock In A Price

Not only do we help you come up with a monthly budget that works for everyone, we guarantee the price you pay – and lock it in. Don’t worry about accruing extra costs from changing interest rates. With our lease purchase program, what you agree to pay, is all you will have to pay.

  1. No Credit Needed

Unlike traditional financing, you don’t need a good credit score to be approved for our lease purchase program. Whether you have good, poor, damaged, or no credit at all – you still have a chance to qualify. Not only that, but Microf doesn’t use your FICO® score to determine eligibility.

  1. Contractor Support

Sometimes, it can be tough to find a contractor you can trust. That’s why Microf works with some of the best HVAC professionals in the country. A Microf-approved HVAC contractor will work with you to select and install the right system for your home and budget. Not only will they help you install your new unit, but they’ll also maintain it for years to come.

Is Lease Purchase The Best Choice For You? Contact Microf Today!

If you’ve decided that financing may not be the right choice for you, consider Microf’s lease purchase program instead! Get what you need today – regardless of credit. To find out more information about eligibility for our lease purchase program, email the professionals at Microf today or contact us at 855-642-7631. We are here for all your HVAC leasing needs!

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