How to Finance an AC With Good or Bad Credit

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How to Finance an AC With Good or Bad Credit

Having bad credit really puts you in a tough spot: You only have the bad credit because you couldn’t afford to make a few payments in the past, which now means that you’re not eligible for affordable monthly payments for appliances on credit. So, how are you supposed to get a new HVAC unit when you need one? With Microf, there is a payment option for EVERYONE – good OR bad credit with our rent-to-own AC program from Microf LLC.

What’s a Rent-to-Own AC Program?

A rent-to-own HVAC program is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity to have a new HVAC system right when you need it, at a reduced monthly cost. The main difference between this program and buying a new HVAC system on credit is many-fold:

  1. You don’t need good credit to sign up for this program
  2. You don’t own the AC unit outright yet—but you will
  3. Maintenance services are built into the rent of your unit
  4. The monthly payments are more affordable than if you were to buy the unit on credit

How to Sign Up for a Rent-to-Own AC Program

Signing up for Microf’s rent-to-own AC program is literally as easy as 1-2-3. First, you’ll submit your application for the program. Again, since you’re renting-to-own, you can finance an AC with good or bad credit. In other words, the application process will be pretty seamless.

Once you’re approved, we’ll pair you with a contractor in your area, an HVAC specialist who can deliver and install your new unit. This is also the company you’ll be in contact with when you need maintenance services (which, again, are included in your monthly rate).

From there, you’ll schedule an installation appointment with the contractor and choose the best monthly rate for your budget.

Who’s Eligible for a Rent-to-Own AC Program?

We’re able to lease HVAC units to people, even if they have bad credit, because we have other standards for eligibility. So many people are eligible for our program that it’s easier to list the people who aren’t. The only people who are NOT eligible to sign up for our rent-to-own AC program are those who are renting their homes or land, are involved in reverse mortgages, are currently in a rent-to-own property agreement, or are homeowners with bankruptcy cases.

Everyone else is in green!

What Information Will I Need to Apply for a Rent-to-Own AC Program?

When you’re ready to apply for a rent-to-own AC program with Microf, you’ll need the following information on hand:

  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Routing and account numbers for your checking account
  • Your social security number
  • Recent pay stubs or bank statements
  • Information for a co-applicant (if necessary)

At the end of the day, it couldn’t hurt to apply. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with the results—namely an affordable HVAC unit installed in your home without having to dig into your savings.

Here’s how to finance an AC with good or bad credit: Apply for a rent-to-own AC through Microf.

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