How To Finance A Furnace With Good or Damaged Credit

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How To Finance A Furnace With Good or Damaged Credit

If you’re a homeowner with bad, poor or damaged credit, you may be thinking financing is just completely off the table. While this is true in many cases, Microf is here to tell you there are other options you maybe haven’t considered. Unlike traditional financing, Microf offers a lease purchase program that lets you purchase the furnace you need now regardless of your credit score. Here’s how.

  1. Apply

The first step to getting the furnace you need today is to apply. Luckily, the application process at Microf is simple. All you need is an active bank account,  proof of steady income and to be the homeowner to be approved within minutes.

  1. Complete Customer Interview

Once you’ve applied, you’ll complete a customer interview with a Microf representative. This interview will give you the chance to choose your lease option and work out a monthly payment plan that works for your budget.

  1. Sign Your Rental Purchase Agreement

After your interview has concluded and a leasing option has been determined, you’ll sign your rental purchase agreement – this is done electronically.

  1. Make Your First Monthly Lease Payment

Microf works with you to come up with a monthly lease payment plan that works for you. When this company started in 2010, the goal was to offer more affordable HVAC solutions to people regardless of their budget and credit score. These payment plans will be unique to everyone as everyone has unique needs.

  1. Have Your Unit Installed

Last but not least, you’ll schedule your installation with your contractor. This is also something Microf assists with. In fact, we work with some of the most qualified, local HVAC contractors across the country to both install your unit and maintain it. If you do not currently have a contractor you wish to use, we have a list of contractors to choose from that are already enrolled with us to do the installation. If you are interested in our currently enrolled contractors, you can find our contractors here.

Contact Microf Today For All Your Furnace Lease Purchase and Financing Needs!

Finding the best company for your HVAC needs is important. However, finding a company that offers convenient and affordable payment options is equally important. With Microf’s lease purchase program, you can get the support you need today. Contact us today to speak with a team member. You can call us at 855-642-7631 or apply now here.

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