How Homeowners Can Best Finance An HVAC System With Poor Credit

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How Homeowners Can Best Finance An HVAC System With Poor Credit

Are you a homeowner wondering how you can best finance an HVAC system with poor credit? If you’re like most homeowners in America, chances are you don’t have the funds in pocket to pay for an HVAC system outright. That’s where financing comes in handy. However, if you’re also a homeowner with poor credit, you may think financing isn’t an option for you – and most of the time, that’s correct. If you go the traditional financing route, then chances are you won’t qualify if you have poor credit. However, there are other ways t0 get the HVAC unit you need right now regardless of your credit score. Here’s how.

Lease Purchase Programs

Consider an alternative option, such as a lease purchase program. Financing isn’t the only way you can go about getting your new HVAC system right now. Have you considered other programs, such as lease purchasing? Lease purchase programs are the best alternative to traditional HVAC financing for many reasons, but the biggest reason of them all is because homeowners don’t need perfect credit to qualify. In fact, with Microf’s lease purchase program, we don’t even use your FICO score in our underwriting decision. All you need in order to be deemed eligible is:

  • Active Homeowners Insurance
  • Proof of Income
  • Active Bank Account in Good Standing

What’s A Lease Purchase Program?

A lease purchase program like the one Microf offers allows you to get a new HVAC unit installed right now – regardless of your financial situation and your credit history. Our program is unique in that it provides feasible options for every homeowner, regardless of budget and credit score.

How Does A Lease Purchase Program Work?

The program works differently for everyone because everyone has different goals. Whether your goal is a low monthly payment, total cost of ownership, flexible terms, or something else, this program is designed to fit all your needs and budget.

Benefits of Lease Purchasing Your HVAC Unit

There are many benefits of a lease purchase program, including:

  • Convenient Monthly Payments

Every homeowner has different financial needs and every homeowner deserves to be comfortable. With that in mind, our lease purchase program offers convenient monthly payments that work within your individual set budget. Your comfort should never be a financial burden.

  • Simple Application Process

The application process for traditional financing can be long, but Microf is proud to offer an application process that is simple and fast. You can get approved in minutes as long as you have an ID, active bank account and steady income to show for.

  • Contractor Support

Not only is figuring out financing a process, but so is finding a contractor to do all the HVAC work for you. With Microf, you don’t have to worry about that. We work with the best contractors around the country to install and maintain your unit for you. Once you sign up for our program, you’ll be connected with someone who can help.

Interested in Lease Purchasing? Contact Microf Today For All Your Lease Purchase Needs!

In 2010, Microf was established to accommodate the growing demand for more flexible, affordable options for purchasing residential heating and cooling systems. That’s what makes our lease purchase program the best alternative to traditional financing. We are here to help! Contact us today at 855-642-7631.

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