How Does an HVAC Lease-to-Own Program Work?

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How Does an HVAC Rent-to-Own Program Work?

You’ve been hearing about an HVAC lease-to-own program, but how does it work? And what’s so great about it anyway?

What’s So Great About The Lease-to-Own HVAC Program?

No Credit Checks

Unlike conventional HVAC financing, lease purchase HVAC programs don’t require a credit check. This means that even if you have poor credit (under 680), you could still be approved for the Microf lease purchase platform.

Adaptable Payment Plans

While conventional financing locks you into a fixed installment period, lease purchase HVAC program installment plans are more adaptable, so you can pick a regularly scheduled payment that accommodates your budget. By having a little more control over the length of your payment plan, you can make sure your monthly payment is within your budget.

Contractual Worker Support

Microf has a large nationwide network of vetted contractors. You know a Microf approved contractor is a quality contractor.

How Does an HVAC Lease-to-Own Program Work?


Register as a Consumer and fill out an application. Microf has choices for all degrees of credit.

What Will You Need to Apply?

  • Be a Homeowner
  • Have Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Photo ID
  • Confirmation of Income
  • No Recent Bankruptcies
  • Active Bank Account

Match with a Contractor

We work with the best contractors around the nation to install and maintain your HVAC unit.

Have Your New HVAC Unit Installed!

If  you think the lease purchase platform is the best option for you, or if you have questions regarding the application process, contact the specialists at Microf to find out additional information. Call 855-642-7631 today!


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