Financing Options are Available to Help Keep You Cool in the Summer

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Do you own an older model central air conditioning unit that is not working efficiently? Perhaps, you spent more time last summer having your system repaired than enjoying the cool air. If you noticed your AC unit has stopped performing the way it has in the past, it may be time to replace your cooling system with a newer more energy efficient unit. Unfortunately, the lack of finances has prevented you from investing in a new cooling system to help keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months. Most homeowners do not have the funds available to immediately pay for a new AC system. However, with central air conditioner financing, affordable options are available that will allow you to purchase a new unit for your home.

Information Required to Apply for Funding

  • Social Security Number of the Purchaser
  • A current bank account of the individual applying for central air conditioner financing.
  • A bank statement or last 30 days paystubs to show proof of income coming into the home.
  • A legal ID that provides information such as the appliers name, birthdate, and current address.
  • Proof of an insurance policy on the home.

Stay Comfortable this Summer Easy Monthly Payments

Microf understands that not everyone has the finances available to outright pay for a new cooling system. Plus, they know the importance of keeping a home comfortable during the hot summer months. That is why they have made it easy for homeowners to obtain the financing required to purchase a new air conditioning unit. Just simply apply online at their website and provide the information they require to quickly find out what type of financing you are available for. They have minimized the hassle of purchasing a new cooling system by providing financing to fit any homeowners’ budget.

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