Spectrum AC by Microf

Microf makes financing easier for you to offer to your customers. Our single application with real-time decisions has the broadest options to deliver more approvals and sales for your business.

Why offer financing?

A single online application with real-time decisions

Easy for customers and simple for you

Options for 800+ to 400- credit scores

Approval rates up to 85%

Low and no cost loan and lease purchase options

Interest-Free, Low Monthly Pmt., Second Look and Lease to Own

Rapid and simple funding

Online and initiated by the contractor

Explore Your Financing Options

Financing Products

Designed with the HVAC contractor in mind, the loan products on the flexible financial solutions platform allow for fast and easy financing right at the kitchen table. Our products feature competitive cost for the contractor, a competitive standard APR for the homeowner, and a fast and easy application, approval, and funding process. You and your customers will benefit from competitive rates, low monthly payment installment loans, 0% interest promotional offers, and 0% interest programs.

Second look Financing Products

If your customers have been turned down by prime banks for financing but are just below the threshold served by primary finance providers, second look financing offers homeowners a second chance at financing their HVAC and home improvement needs. This means a comfortable home for your customer and more potential sales for you as a contractor.

Lease-Purchase Options

The lease purchase option allows us to say yes when all other finance options say no.  It’s designed for homeowners who have damaged credit or prefer a pay-as-you-go option. Microf offers lease purchase agreements that allow homeowners to own a new system after up to 84 monthly renewal payments in most states.

Why Microf?