Complete Guide To Our HVAC Lease Purchase Options For Your Next Unit

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Complete Guide To Our HVAC Lease Purchase Options For Your Next Unit

At Microf, we believe that you should have options when it comes to your heating and cooling system. If your HVAC unit has failed on you, you may be considering your options for replacement. One option to put on your radar is a lease purchase for your HVAC unit. But before jumping all in, it’s essential to understand the process of a lease purchase program.

What Is The Lease Purchase Program?

Microf’s lease purchase program gives you the opportunity to get a new HVAC unit installed right now with a guaranteed purchase price that fits within your budget. We believe that comfort shouldn’t be a financial burden, and that’s why we offer flexible monthly payments designed to fit within your means. We designed this program with you in mind.

Roughly 70% of Americans don’t have enough money in their pocket to buy an HVAC unit outright. Unlike traditional HVAC financing, you don’t need a good credit score in order to be eligible. Our program is unique in that it provides feasible options for every homeowner, regardless of budget and credit score.

In order to qualify, you must:

  • Be homeowner, not a renter or in a rent-to-own agreement
  • Have homeowner’s insurance
  • Have a photo ID
  • Be able to confirm income, by paystubs or recent bank statements
  • Not have any recent bankruptcies
  • Have an active bank account

With these six qualifications, you’re one step closer to being approved. Our application process is quick and easy!

How Does The Lease Purchase Program Work?

How the program works depends on your goals as a homeowner. Whether your priority is a low monthly payment, the length of the term, the total cost of ownership, or deferred payments, our program is designed to fit your needs and goals.

After you’ve applied, Microf will review your application and determine the best options for you. Then, you’ll be matched with a contractor in your area to begin working with so you can get back to comfort as soon as possible. Microf works with the best contractors in the country to install and maintain your unit. You can trust that any HVAC contractor you work with will provide you with quality service.

Is Lease Purchase Right For You?

Our lease purchase program might be right for you if you have low or damaged credit, you need a working HVAC unit quickly but not enough cash to pay for it outright, or you’re just exploring all your options. Our team at Microf can help you decide if this program is right for you and answer any questions you may have. We believe that you should always be comfortable: in your home and with your finances. With our lease purchase program, we make it possible to have both!

Get started today by filling out an application or contact us to speak with a team member today.

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