Can I Finance A New Furnace With Bad Credit?

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Can I Finance A New Furnace With Bad Credit?

A question we hear a lot is “can I finance a new furnace with bad credit?”

With traditional HVAC financing, the answer is usually a no. But if you go a different route, like a lease purchase program, the answer is often a yes. Microf is proud to offer a unique lease purchase option designed to help homeowners with a broad range of financial needs get an HVAC unit installed.

The Best Alternative to Traditional HVAC Financing with Bad Credit: Lease Purchase Programs

Whether you have perfect, good, poor or even damaged credit, Microf has options for you. When your furnace breaks down on the coldest day of the winter, you’re most likely in desperate need to replace it – and fast. Traditional HVAC financing cannot only take a while to process, but you likely won’t qualify unless you have good credit. Consider Microf’s lease purchase program as the best alternative to your traditional financing.

The application process is as easy as 1-2-3. Interested in learning more? Here are some of the benefits:

Convenient Monthly Payments

We know that homeowners across the country have different financial needs. At Microf, we believe your comfort shouldn’t be a financial burden. Work with a Microf team member to come up with a payment plan that works for you.

Fast Turnaround

There’s nothing worse than waiting in the freezing cold as you wait for financing to go through. With Microf’s lease purchase program, you can get approved within minutes and get back to comfort as soon as possible.

FICO Score Doesn’t Determine Eligibility

If you’re concerned you won’t qualify because of your credit score, do not worry. We don’t use your FICO score to determine eligibility. In order to apply for our lease purchase program, you must:

  • Be a Homeowner
  • Have Homeowners Insurance
  • Proof of Income
  • Have No Recent Bankruptcies
  • Have an Active Bank Account

Support When You Need It

We work with some of the best contractors around the country and will help you find a contractor to not only install your new unit for you, but maintain it for years to come. Once you select a payment plan, we’ll connect you with someone local to your area who can help whenever you need it.

Contact Microf Today And Let’s Get You Back To Comfort

For over 10 years, Microf has been providing convenient options for homeowners with perfect, good, poor and even damaged credit around the country. Your comfort is and always has been our top priority. Our lease purchase program is the best alternative to traditional HVAC financing. Contact Microf today to learn about your lease purchase options!

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