Advantages of Rent-to-Own HVAC Programs

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Rent-to-Own HVAC 

Rent-to-own HVAC deals are an alternative payment method to the traditional loan payment method. It’s a way to buy or sell something over time, giving the buyer an option to purchase the item sometime in the future. Traditionally, a buyer would more or less complete the purchase of something immediately, the price would be paid, and the transfer would be complete. With rent-to-own HVAC programs, the buyer/renter would be paying some portions of the item over time, and would ultimately decide if they even want the product at all for purchase. If so, the payments that have been paid would factor into the final price of the item, making it cheaper if the decision is made to purchase it.


Buying on Credit


Buyers who may not be able to purchase an HVAC system the traditional way due to bad credit can get a double benefit from rent-to-own programs. Not only can you obtain the item you’re trying to get, but you can also help build better credit in the meantime!


Locking in a Price


In a regional market that typically has annual hikes and falls due to seasons, and in a global market where materials and components like electronics or steel can become a little more scarce than usual, it’s nice to know that the item you’ve been paying for is locked in, and potentially saving you quite a bit.


Getting a Test Drive


Testing out an HVAC system is a great opportunity to test the quality of the product and spot any problems that may exist. Having a unit that is the inappropriate size or strength for the home, or any subjective preferences aside from the usual metrics like performance and lifespan can all be tested from a relatively risk-free position. Being able to simply return a rented piece of equipment is one of the best advantages of renting over owning in general, and that advantage carries over in this situation well.


Flexible Payment Options


You’ll typically find that in a situation where rent-to-own is available, the payment options will be much more flexible as well. Having multiple payment terms at varying payment amounts is beneficial to fitting in with your budget and expenses.


Contractor Support


When you’ve made the decision on the right HVAC system for you, you’ll have the backing of trained contractors to do both the installation and maintenance of your unit to ensure its continued performance, and troubleshoot any issues you might be having with it.


Call Microf


If you think that rent-to-own might be the best payment method for you, or if maybe you just have some questions about the process, give the experts at Microf a call to learn more. They have a whole suite of different products and lease options to cater to any budget and work with contractors across the country to coordinate installation and maintenance. If buying an HVAC system outright was a limiting factor for you, then don’t hesitate to call!

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