How Poor Credit Can Affect Your HVAC Purchase Choices

How Bad Credit Can Affect Your Lease to Purchase Program

Few people have the money to buy a new HVAC unit out of pocket. If you happen to have bad credit, buying an HVAC system might be difficult. A simpler option is lease-purchasing an HVAC. Here are few things to consider when lease-purchasing, and how a bad FICO assessment can influence your HVAC purchase choices.  … Read moreHow Poor Credit Can Affect Your HVAC Purchase Choices

AC Repair: What to expect?

Without warning, the AC unit in your home stops working, but you are uncertain of the next steps. It can be overwhelming simply inviting an AC technician into your home, but when you are unsure of how they will proceed, it’s an entirely different degree of concern. Though we’re not an HVAC company, we do … Read moreAC Repair: What to expect?